Good Intentions are not enough

Immigration Court Dockets are overburdened

In our experience as immigration advocates, one thing stands out above all of the others, the system cannot handle the caseload now assigned to it. There is a visa backlog of several years. There is a court backlog of several years. We are being assigned court dates in 2020 or 2021. Our clients with approved asylum requests or cancellations or family petitions will have to wait at least that long for visas. Now, judges from Baltimore are being sent to the border with nothing to do. Politico reported yesterday that judges are being forced to delay cases in their home courts. However, the dockets on the assignment to border are smaller than the home courts. Less work is being done and the system is being made more inefficient. Further, if the intent is to deport more asylum seekers, the results may backfire. Many judges being sent to the border regularly grant asylum petitions. People are being denied the right to hearings. They are being forced to wait incredibly long times to have their cases adjudicated and there is nothing being done to alleviate the situation. People are legitimately fleeing persecution and despair in their home countries. They have credible fear of death and torture. They are trying to make a better life for themselves here. They work, many illegally because they cannot get the proper permits. We cannot use gimmicks to solve these problems. We must come to comprehensive solutions for the betterment of the people, many of whom are our clients. It is the only way forward.

Maslan, Maslan, Rothwell gets $235,000 judgment for client

On June 6, 2017, Maslan, Maslan, & Rothwell, PA represented a client in the Circuit Court of Baltimore County. After a bench trial, our client was awarded a judgment of $235,000. The matter was an employment dispute where our client was not paid for the wages earned. Maslan, Maslan, & Rothwell continues to fight for its clients to get the best possible outcomes. Let our experienced attorneys represent you to help you get the relief to which you are entitled. 



Past verdicts are not a predictor of future outcomes. This post is not legal advice. 

Fourth Circuit Hears Oral Argument in Travel Ban Case

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit today heard oral arguments in the case of International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trump. This case is an appeal from a US District Court case in Maryland partially granting a temporary injunction against President Trump's recent immigration order dealing with immigration from six predominantly Muslim Middle Eastern and North African countries. President Trump’s revised order, signed March 6, attempts to limit and prohibit people from six countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The Plaintiffs in the action are challenging the order on First Amendment grounds. They are asserting that the order violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. For its part, the federal government is defending the order, saying that it is an acceptable exercise of federal and executive authority and necessary for the the protection of homeland security. The judges at the argument seemed skeptical of this rationale and focused on statements made by President Trump during his presidential campaign and by his spokesman even after the signing of this order. The full hearing can be heard on C-Span here.

New Addition

Maslan, Maslan, & Rothwell, P. A. is pleased to announce that W. Timothy Sutton has joined the firm. Tim will focus his practice on family and immigration law. Tim has years of trial experience in Maryland courts. He will bring his skills to combine with those of the great team at Maslan, Maslan, & Rothwell, P. A. to contribute to the history and heritage of the firm and provide excellent, empathetic service to our clients. 

Baltimore Business Journal reports on Gary Maslan

Nick's Inner Harbor Seafood, a fixture in the Cross Street Market for decades, has reached an agreement to stay open past a Jan. 31 eviction date. An article in the Baltimore Business Journal detailed how Gary helped his client stave off eviction for now. As always Gary will fight for his clients and fight for what is right.